Taxi from the Airport Prague, Taxi with children car seat

I will drive you safely, comfortably and on time around the Czech Republic and its border countries as per your wishes.

It's important to me, to make your journey safe and make you feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to ask me for an individual approach, it goes without saying.


Below you can find more information about airport taxi services, Taxi to the Airport, taxi from the Airport with children car seat and examples of rides incl. prices.

Prague Airport

Taxi to the Airport – transfer of people to the Airport

We specialize in transport people to Vaclav Havel‘s Airport Prague and other airports in the Czech Republic and bordering countries. We provide taxi service including taxi to the airport with children car seat. You can order the Airport transfer in advance. We will communicate with you in person or by phone. We do not run any automatic answerphone. We will collect you at the arrival hall at the Airport, help you with your luggage and safely take you to your destination. Our absolute priority is your safety and our punctuality.

taxi from the airport

Taxi from the Airport – people transfer from the Airport

We provide Taxi service and people transport from Vaclav Havel‘s Airport Prague and from other airports in the Czech Republic and surrounding countries in a traditional way and we take into consideration all customer requests. We will pick you up at the arrival hall with a clear sign showing your name or company name or otherwise agreed sign. We will help you with your luggage and if needed we will provide a car with children car seat, baby shell or booster seat. We monitor your flight with arrivals application so you don’t have to worry about pick up timing, we will be in the arrival hall as per your actual arrival time even in the case of a delay.

child in car seat

Airport transfers with children car seat

Your safety is our top priority hence we provide airport transfers with children car seat. We can offer children car seat Britax Romer Dualfix (for children 9-36 Kg), which is secured to the car with Isofix. You can also order airport transfer with smallest children in case you wish to use baby shell Cybex ( up to 9 Kg) and for bigger children we can offer booster seat, which is by the Czech law required for all children smaller than 150 cm. Transfer with children in car seat is also available for journey in the metropolis, between cities or to another Airport.

Praha 3 Žižkov

Žižkov → Vaclav Havel Airport Prague

One way journey from Žižkov to Vaclav Havel's Airport Prague. Journey time cca 30min.

Bratislava Slovakia

Vaclav Havel Airport Prague → Bratislava

One way journey from Vaclav Havel's Airport Prague to Bratislava. Journey length 350Km.

Hotel Hilton Pobřežní Karlín

Vaclav Havel Airport Prague → Hotel Hilton incl. way back to the Airport

Journey from Vaclav Havel's Airport Prague including driver waiting in arrival hall with personal name sign to hotel Hilton in Pobřežní street and then journey from the hotel to Vaclav Havel's Airport Prague. Journey time cca 30min.

Karlovy Vary Czech Republic

Vaclav Havel Airport Prague → Hotel InterContinental → Karlovy Vary and back to the Airport

Journey from Vaclav Havel's Airport Prague including driver waiting in arrival hall with personal name sign, with telephone contact after landing in Prague, to InterContinenatal hotel, including a trip around Prague castle and short summary of Prague history and architecture. Then journey from the hotel to Karlovy Vary and back to the hotel and then journey from the hotel to Vaclav Havel's airport.

References of our customers ...

Wonderful service, we were flying at night with a 1 year old and used transfer twice, once when we left Prague and once when we came back. In both cases car was on time, clean and with one of the safest child's seat on the market. The driving was safe and careful. Very satisfied, definitely can recommend and will use again.
Ket Ket
My family was very fortunate to be passengers of Mr. Tomas for airport transit while vacationing in Prague. He was was 100% reliable and kind, meeting is inside the terminal and arriving early for our return trip, on which we had time for a more scenic route through districts of the metropolitan area we had not yet seen. I recommend Mr. Tomas for any traveler, leisure or business.
Steve L.
The best one
Mohamed S.
We highly recommend Prague Airport Taxi Private services. It is always prompt, knowledgeable, accommodating, a great driver and overall a delight to be around. Thank you for all your assistance. You made our trips perfect.
Nikki G.

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Our vision

We are a small business and we want to stay a small business. We focus on individual customer requirements and prefer a personal approach. Our clients are people who like to know who they ride with.

Why go with us?

We enjoy riding and we do it with a lot of enthusiasm. It's not just a job for us, where we go to leave or sit for a few hours. We are happy with people, we like to talk when the customer wants to talk. It's not just about taking you from place to place. In addition to talking to us, you can use the time spent in the car to make phone calls, we also have chargers via USB and a 230V socket available in the back seats, we will be happy to stop you to buy coffee or other beverages on the road, we have bottled water available in cars. We constantly monitor the traffic situation and offer you the shortest or fastest way to your destination. This is important when traveling to the airport or to the train or bus station and you have to be there on time. And most importantly ... WE DRIVE SAFE AND DO IT WELL!

Our motivation

We are motivated by the satisfaction of our customers. Our passengers are people who take care of their own and their children 's safety and therefore we operate airport taxi services, taxi services from the auntie, long - distance passenger transport, long - distance passenger transport using a child seat. We have Britax Romer Dualfix baby car seats, Cybex for baby babies, and a cushion for older children. We operate new Škoda and VW cars. In our fleet we have Skoda Kodiaq, Skoda Octavia III, Skoda Superb III and VW Passat. We communicate with our clients by phone, SMS, e-mail or personally. The only automated response is sent by our website when you send a question or order through a form, but we respond personally and as quickly as possible. If you order a ride from us, eg to Václav Havel Airport in Prague, we will send you an SMS notification about an hour before your arrival time. If you book a trip more days in advance, then we send a notice and a day in advance to make sure we count on you so you can focus on your business. We operate the airport taxi service in the traditional way and pick you up or your loved ones or business partners directly in the arrivals hall of Terminal 1, 2 or 3.

Ask for an individual approach

Ask me, if I can arrange safe passenger transportation including services above standard levels, eg. To have a driver available during the whole of customers stay, arranging a friendly and kind tourguide, to recommend a great restaurant, bar or a wine bar, to recommend a trip or a good play / concert including booking the tickets. Yes, it would be my pleasure to sort out all this for you.